RESCHEDULED: Elana Returns – Fabulous Fashions Under $100

Wednesday, 10/29
Diary of a Personal Shopper – More Tips from Fashion Blogger, Elana Brin Pruitt

My Favorite Fashionista & Beauty Blogger, Elana Brin Pruitt is taking time away from her many projects (Chic Galleria, Fashion Chicago Magazine, Beauty Chat Blog, Agenda Magazine, Good Girl Gone Shopping, and to share her professional insights on TRB.

Elana is a personal shopper and wardrobe consultant, fashion columnist, and senior editor for an online marketing company. Based in California, she helps other women understand their style and uncover the best fashion pieces to flatter their figure, while allowing them to stay within their budget and even save some money in the process.

With a background in Journalism and Speech Communication, Elana has found a way to blend those skills with her passion for helping people with personal style into a successful career. She provides the research and inspiration to help you explore your creative instincts in fashion. Whether you want a complete “makeover” or a slow transition for your wardrobe, Elana recommends letting the real you shine through always. She works with male and female clients, near and far. Visit her blog:

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