88 Ways to Her Heart: Cooking for Lovers w/Chef Jernard Wells

88 Ways to Her Heart: Cooking for Lovers w/Chef Jernard Wells


From Chef Jernard: This book is designed for the non-cooker as well as the experienced cooker. We all could use a little spice in our love life. A wise man once told me, You never see anyone eating and frowning. I truly believe this book will keep you smiling by creating happiness in your kitchen and love life too!!!

Better known as “the love chef,” Wells was born in 1979 and raised with his six siblings. His passion for cooking was started at a very young age and first blossomed when he turned 16 years old, opening his first restaurant based out of his mother’s kitchen. Six years later, he opened his second restaurant at an entertainment complex. He then enrolled in the Memphis Culinary Academy School and studied under Chef Joseph Carey and Chef Elaine. After his graduation, he became sous chef at a thriving casino. Once he had sufficiently built a reputation, he opened his third restaurant, the Picnic Basket and the Ultimate Picnic Basket. Wells has won numerous awards for his cooking, including third place in Mississippi’s BBQ Chicken Contest Spring fest. He also has his own gourmet BBQ sauce and line of seasoning.



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