Healing Art of Detoxification – Natural Cleansing with Karen Raden, MS,RD,CCN

Healing Art of Detoxification – Natural Cleansing with Karen Raden, MS,RD,CCN

Karen completed her Masters of Science degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington – considered the Harvard of holistic natural medicine by experts in the field. In addition to being a Registered/Licensed Dietitian and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, she holds a BA in Hotel Restaurant Management from Michigan State University and attended L’Ecole Hoteliere Summer Chef School in Lausanne, Switzerland. She completed a culinary internship at the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago and managed various fine restaurants throughout the Chicago area. Karen has also trained to the level of Certified Reiki Master and has a great interest in the human energy system. As an integrative nutritionist, Karen “integrates” both alternative and conventional nutrition. She looks at the science behind health and healing by reviewing lab tests from a nutritional perspective. Drawing upon her training from Bastyr and over fifteen years of experience, Karen can also recommend herbs, supplements, and functional medicine testing (i.e. saliva testing to determine cortisol levels, blood tests to look at vitamin status, etc.) alongside mind-body techniques that support wellness. With this process under way, Karen can then guide you in discovering and removing hidden obstacles that may show up as you move toward achieving your goals. Working with Karen, you get the best of both worlds.



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