Fun & Fabulous Pet Products with Celeb Pet Expert, Charlotte Reed

Since abandoning life on Wall Street as a corporate lawyer to open Two Dogs & A Goat Incorporated, Charlotte Reed has grown her company to a premiere, full-service, pet care provider with loyal clients and countless veterinarian referrals. From working with hundreds of dogs over the years, Reed has learned how to be a good pet parent and model pet owner, and she doesn’t see any reason to keep what she knows a secret. In July 2007, her book, The Miss Fido Manners Complete Book of Etiquette (Adams Media), hit store shelves across the country. In her book, Reed instructs dog owners how to behave with their dogs so that they can be better dog owners, neighbors, customers, travelers and co-workers. Reed also works as a pet industry consultant. Charlotte is the owner of four dogs, two cats and one parrot.

7 Tips for Frugal Pet Owners in Today’s Economy

1. Save Energy, Save Money
Save pet dollars by ceasing to use pet drinking fountains.  Keep water cold and clean in the refrigerator by using a filtered pitcher.  A stainless steel bowl, available at any discount kitchen supply store, can keep water colder, longer… similar to a pet drinking fountain.

2. Cutting Back Can Keep Your Pets Healthy and Slim
A recent survey revealed that 40% of American pets are overweight.  Consider cutting back on the amount of food in your pet’s diet.  Break biscuits and treats into two… you have now created a treat for today and tomorrow… with fewer calories in your pet’s diet.

3. Spend Less by Including Your Dog
With spring’s much-anticipated arrival, vacation plans for the upcoming summer months have already begun.  By deciding to bring your pet with you on vacation you can save money on boarding services and in-house pet sitters.  A selection of rental properties and hotels, for instance in the Outer Banks, NC, or on Cape Cod, MA, are pet-friendly.  Beware, though… dog-welcome destinations fill up quickly, so do your research and book your pet-included vacation as soon as possible!

4.  Home Grooming Saves Big Bucks
In today’s economy, many Americans have reduced their number of trips to the salon and spa, and your pet can, too.  Learning how to groom your dog at home will save money and reduce the frequency of trips to the professional groomers.  Grooming supplies, including a handheld shower, doggie brush and comb, pet toothbrush, canine paste and a nail clipper, can all be purchased at your local pet store for a percentage of your typical grooming fees.  Additionally, home grooming gives you a chance to detect lumps, bumps and odors that may be of concern to your pet’s health.

5. Spend Wisely or Not At All
Although your pet may love the local doggie day care facility that costs $40 a day, it may not fit into your budget anymore.  Visiting the local dog park allows you to spend time with your dog and play with doggie friends for FREE!  Also, hiring a dog walker for $15 a day can replace doggie daycare while you are at work.

6. Up-Cycle with Puppies for a Greener Tomorrow
Instead of purchasing pee pads for your puppy you can up-cycle your daily newspaper.  By placing newspaper on a catering tray, easily purchased at a discount kitchen supply store, you have created an affordable portable potty for your dog.  The trays are cheap and easy to clean and the paper is free and easy to dispose of.

7.  Being Simple is Fashion Forward
Is it necessary to have the expensive leather or designer brand leash?  Or will a more economical, purple nylon leash suffice?  Purchasing toys does not have to break the bank.  Economical fashion decisions are the latest trend.  Cutting back on extravagances saves money faster.

For more suggestions on how to be a loving, yet frugal, pet owner, and to learn more about Charlotte Reed’sservices and expertise, please visit


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