Healthy Eating During Chemotherapy with Jose van Mil

HEALTHY EATING DURING CHEMOTHERAPY is a cookbook with a mission. It’s mission – to help patients and their caregivers cope with the various eating problems commonly associated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. HEALTHY EATING DURING CHEMOTHERAPY (Kyle Books) offers a comprehensive plan with over 100 recipes. With chapters like Soft with a Bite, Crisp, Liquid and Smooth, the dishes focus on the all-important texture and temperature of the food, while keeping portions small and manageable. “My aim with “Healthy eating during Chemotherapy” is clear: I hope it will give some joy and pleasure by eating and drinking well and help to keep up the cancer patients‘ strength, so they recuperate as quickly as possible. However it is no miracle cure against cancer! Writing this book has allowed me to make something positive out of a very bad situation. Likewise, I hope this book will inspire others as well. In general the recipes are easy to prepare and look inviting in their presentation.” – Jose van Mil


Looking for More Smoothie Recipes?

Getting your 5 A Day is fun and easy with Amazing Smoothies, Fruits and vegetables were never so simple and delicious. Many of the recipes found in Amazing Smoothies contain MORE than five servings of vitamin packed fruits and vegetables.


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