The Japanese Kitchen with Hiroko Shimbo

Hiroko Shimbo, a recognized authority on Japanese cuisine, is a chef-consultant for food companies and restaurants, trained sushi chef, author, media performer and chef-instructor. Hiroko authors cookbooks – the award-winning, best selling: The Japanese Kitchen (Harvard Common Press) and the James Beard Nominee and most comprehensive treatment of sushi: The Sushi Experience (Alfred Knopf). She contributes numerous articles to general circulation and professional food magazines including Saveur, National Culinary Review, Art of Eating and others. She offers professional cooking classes at vocational cooking schools throughout the United States and Europe. Hiroko works with several companies and organizations to promote authentic Japanese cuisine among professional communities and general consumers. Hiroko is a member of the advisory board at Blue Ocean Institute, a conservation organization devoted to inspiring a close relationship with the sea and the sustainability of its food resources that are so important to human life. Hiroko is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and the Women’s Chef and Restaurateurs.


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