For the Home Cook that Wants to Go Green

Leslie Reichert, a.k.a. The Green Cleaning Coach provided great tips for the listeners of my talk show, The Recipe Box.

And now it’s my turn to share a few ideas
for the home cook that wants to Go Green.

When it comes to shopping for food, fresher is always better. And the freshest produce around can be found at your local farmer’s markets or CSA’s, which stands for Community Support Agriculture. Think ‘local and sustainable’ when selecting produce. Try to increase your intake of vegetables to reduce your carbon footprint. Serve smaller portions of meat and/or poultry, or serve them as a side dish instead of the main entree. Go vegan one or two nights a week.

Fair Trade Certified products means that the workers receive a fair wage for their labor. It also means that the product was grown under strict environmental standards.

Try making more one-pot meals. Or use all-purpose cookware that goes from oven to table to fridge.

Use the leftover pasta water somewhere else in the recipe or another dish that you are preparing. If not, use it to water your plants.

Shop for the exact amount of ingredients your recipes from the salad bar.

Down-size your appliances: Use a wire whisk instead of the electric mixer; the toaster oven instead of your conventional oven; or stir fry your meal.

The average American family uses approximately 90lbs of steel cans per year – please recycle!


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