Great Grilled Cheese with Award-Winning Cookbook Author Laura Werlin


April is Grilled Cheese Month! And we’ve got a special guest in the house for this show. Laura Werlin won a 2004 James Beard Award for her book The All American Cheese and Wine Book, and is a food journalist and cheese expert whose articles have appeared in Saveur, Cooking Light, and Country Living. In addition to having written two books on cheese, The New American Cheese (2000) and The All American Cheese and Wine Book (2003), Werlin writes a biweekly syndicated column on cheese. “Great Grilled Cheese: 50 Innovative Recipes for Stove Top, Grill, and Sandwich Maker” – Brie and apricot jam on a baguette; spinach and goat cheese on a croissant; blue cheese and fresh figs on crusty Italian bread: this is not your mother’s grilled cheese sandwich. In Great Grilled Cheese, cheese expert and award-winning cookbook author Laura Werlin presents 50 scrumptious grilled cheese and panini recipes that range from the traditional to the contemporary. In addition to the more inventive combinations, including grilled cheese for dessert, there’s always room at the table for the classics: grilled American on white, or apple, ham, and cheddar on sourdough. Werlin discusses techniques-nonstick versus cast-iron pan, whether to cover during cooking, how to use the ultrapopular panini machine.


2 thoughts on “Great Grilled Cheese with Award-Winning Cookbook Author Laura Werlin

  1. Great show Barbara! April may have been cheese month, but on the 16th of May all of Seattle will be at the Pike’s Place Market for the annual cheese festival! Last year it took 2 hours to go through all the vendors if you were there from the opening bell :-)!

    There is a small fee for the wine tasting tent and last year it was 80+ degrees with hundreds of people packed into the street in front of the market trying to stay cool and cheesy.


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