Farmer’s Markets Today with Mary Shepherd

Mary Shepherd is editor and publisher of the magazine Farmers’ Markets Today, which she launched in June 2007 as a resource for direct market farmers and vendors and managers of farmers markets. Mary saw the growing interest in farmers markets, CSAs and other local food sources, so she invested her resources and talents to create a publication to support these hard-working farmers and market managers. Farmers’ Markets Today magazine premiered June 2007 and is published six times a year as a resource for direct market farmers and managers and vendors of farmers markets. Each issue of Farmers’ Markets Today is filled with information to help small farmers and farmers markets be more successful and profitable in selling their products. It contains stories about what growers, artisans and farmers markets are doing to promote their businesses, reach new customers and develop value-added products.

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3 thoughts on “Farmer’s Markets Today with Mary Shepherd

  1. Great show Barbara! One of the great things about the Northwest is the abundance of fresh produce options.

    Here in the Southern Seattle area we have a great new produce store that has opened up in a closed Jiffy Lube building. They are buying goods from small farmers, salsa makers, jelly makers, and the like. (I posted pictures and a review here –

    In the past we subscribed to a bi-weekly box service (Terra Organics – but the small box was sooooo big we couldn’t keep up with it.

    Our town has a HUGE waiting list for the community “pea patch” this year and most of the communities in our county have them available. With the current economy most are already taking names for the wait list for 2010!

    S.P.U.D. delivers to much of the Seattle area direct from across the pass and the wonderful farms of the Yakima Valley including farmers that sell shares of beef and pig stock prior to slaughter. Our friends have given them a try and love the grain fed and finished organic meat delivered closer to home.

    I saw an Oyster vendor for the first time at the opening of the Federal Way market. It’s a great mix of crafts, flowers, pet sitters, and more established businesses like Great Harvest Bread and even a Mexican and Eastern European restaurants with hot lunch offernings. (

    If there are other listeners from the Seattle area they may have fun joining in on my Yelp List of produce discoveries this season –

    But Barbara… tsk tsk on one point… no need to “go back to canned” if you can your own :-)!


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