Women Small Business Start-Ups Are Thriving in Today’s Economy

There are people who look down on women in business, especially women who work their way into high leadership roles. This is troubling because according to the experts, there have been more women small business start-ups in the past few years than ones created by men. If you are a woman, this probably doesn’t surprise you, especially since we bring to the table a variety of skills men tend to lack.

However, it should make sense. Look at today’s society. Women are the ones either influencing or actually making over eighty-five percent of all purchases in the United States. Plus, women own 10.6 million businesses or companies and employ at least 19.1 million people and generate over $2.5 trillion in sales. It is obvious women are doing their best to jumpstart the economy and return the country to financial prosperity.

Obviously, not all women are cut out for a leadership role. This is the same for men in business. However, there are reasons why there have been more women small business start-ups than men. One of the motivating factors is there are more opportunities for women to thrive in business. Certain people of both genders, higher learning institutions, and even the government has noticed the roles women play in the world, while many times also managing a family. This is why there have been more scholarships, grants, and loans especially created to help women achieve their dreams.

This means if you want to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or would prefer to own a women’s retail clothing store, you have the opportunity. Go online and find the appropriate women small business grants available for you to further your dreams. Make sure you take your time, as the process shouldn’t be hurried. Most of all, never stop believing.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Carla_Jiroux_Kaplan



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