Gift Baskets for Four Distinct Personalities


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Celebrate the great arrivals of new neighbors or the move of a friend or family member into a new home or apartment by sending unique housewarming gift baskets. Gift baskets for housewarming presents from online retailers like can be customized to fit just about any personality, so you can find something that suits the new nester perfectly. Here are four different kinds of gift baskets that fit four totally different kinds of people.

1) The Gardener

The gardener is easy to spot. He is always wearing clothing covered in dirt, but his yard looks amazing! It’s not uncommon to notice that the gardener has a “farmer’s tan,” either. If you want to encourage his green thumb at his new home, consider getting the “Digging In” housewarming basket.

This basket contains a variety of items perfect for getting your plant lover started on his next project. It contains gardening tools, seed packets and gloves (which avid gardeners go through fast!) as well as candy, crackers and cheeses to munch on when he needs that midday energy boost.

2) The BBQ Fanatic

You know the barbeque fanatic by smell first. Every day (rain or shine!), this person is outside on his patio grilling up some delectable meat, veggies and more. If he can’t get enough of the grill, consider buying him the “Grillin’ & Chillin’” gourmet gift basket.
This tasty gift includes some useful tools, like a three-piece set of tools, a grilling basket with a long handle and the BBQ Bible cookbook by Steven Raichlin. To up the ante on his prized meals, the barbeque fanatic will love the Gourmet Wine Aged Barbeque Grilling Chips and the sauce and rub that are also included.

3) The Early Bird

He’s the guy that is always up at the crack of dawn jogging or half way through the Sunday paper before you’ve even poured your first cup of coffee. It’s no surprise that the early bird loves mornings!

To make his morning even sweeter, consider selecting the “Rise & Shine” gourmet breakfast basket for him. This gift includes gourmet apple cinnamon pancake mix, Vermont Gold crepe mix, real maple syrup, tea, coffee and a morning beverage mug.

4) The Wine Lover

Who doesn’t love the wine lover? This is the woman that comes over when you’ve had a particularly rough day at the office, with a bottle of Chardonnay or Chianti in hand. She knows how to pick ‘em, and while you sip the fruits of her generosity, she can even give you a pretty interesting rundown on different kinds of wine and their virtues.

Naturally, the perfect housewarming gift for the wine lover is a wine basket! There are many to choose from, depending on her preferences: “Chilean Red Duet,” “Woodbridge Chardonnay,” “Cecchi Chianti,” Little Black Dress Pinot Grigio” and more!


Jessica writes about a wide variety of topics.  She especially enjoys writing about food. You can learn more about Unique Housewarming Gift Baskets at


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