Ending Food Deserts in Our Country

Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico is a fede...

“We heard stories of nurses who would actually buy food, bring it into the health center, and distribute it to their clients, because that was the only way for them to get food,” Perry says.

This NPR article provides a clear understanding of the dilemma in a simplest terms. One of my concerns regarding the local foods movement is that most farmer’s markets are not easily accessible. Many lower income urban residents rely on public transportation, as well.  As more neighborhood corner convenience stores begin to incorporate fresh produce into their inventories, we can see a more rapid decline in the food desert problems. I hope more incentives are extended for these small local merchants to help cover the expenses for refrigeration, shelving, lighting, etc. Read or listen to the NPR podcast here.

Not sure if there is a food desert in your state? Check the United States Department of Agriculture Food Desert Locator database.


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