What IS the Right Food for Our Pets?

My friends, Drs Kim Bloomer & Jeannie Thomason, over at Animal Talk Naturally Show have produced another fine program that I want to recommend to you. Their guest was Leslie Rugg. Leslie writes for a variety of dog magazines, is published author, and former publisher of a collie magazine and also a rare breed magazine. Leslie is also a raw feeding advocate and a great supporter of the Rabies Challenge Fund. Here is the program synopsis:

1. Collie lover
2. The Article
3. Business & profits
4. Who determines what OUR pets eat?
5. A success story
6. Bacteria & toxins
7. Minute poop
8. Homeostasis
9. Commitment to the animal
10. The turn to raw food
11. One Dog
12. Why breeders?
13. Dogs & their food choices
14. Balanced & complete?
15. Normal, natural & common sense
16. Leslie’s dogs
17. No Fear


And Now It’s My Turn

Tuesday, 9/23
Well, the tables will be turned on Tuesday, September 23rd, when I am the GUEST on ATN. I was invited to discuss my children’s book and a silly pet story to two. I hope you can join us.

From the Animal Talk Naturally Newsletter by Drs Kim Bloomer and Jeannie Thomason:

“On September 23rd, fellow BlogTalk Radio host, author and friend, Barbara Howard joins us to talk about her wonderful new children’s book – the first in her series – A Day for the Animals!
Join us at 2:30 PM Eastern on Animal Talk Naturally. The call-in number for this show is 646.595.4693 when we open the lines for questions.”