A Natural Approach to Pet Care – Dr Kim Bloomer VND

Dr. Kim Bloomer helped me to get off to a great start with my new dog and has been a tremendous resource for direction in keeping him healthy and thriving. She gave me a better understanding of what my pet’s nutritional needs are. And, I have gained an appreciation for the importance of species-specific and natural approach to his care.

So, it was an honor for me to sit down with her and learn more about what motivates her work. If you are concerned about the safety of pet food and want a more natural way to care for the health of your pet, you definitely want to listen in. Enjoy.


What IS the Right Food for Our Pets?

My friends, Drs Kim Bloomer & Jeannie Thomason, over at Animal Talk Naturally Show have produced another fine program that I want to recommend to you. Their guest was Leslie Rugg. Leslie writes for a variety of dog magazines, is published author, and former publisher of a collie magazine and also a rare breed magazine. Leslie is also a raw feeding advocate and a great supporter of the Rabies Challenge Fund. Here is the program synopsis:

1. Collie lover
2. The Article
3. Business & profits
4. Who determines what OUR pets eat?
5. A success story
6. Bacteria & toxins
7. Minute poop
8. Homeostasis
9. Commitment to the animal
10. The turn to raw food
11. One Dog
12. Why breeders?
13. Dogs & their food choices
14. Balanced & complete?
15. Normal, natural & common sense
16. Leslie’s dogs
17. No Fear

And Now It’s My Turn

Tuesday, 9/23
Well, the tables will be turned on Tuesday, September 23rd, when I am the GUEST on ATN. I was invited to discuss my children’s book and a silly pet story to two. I hope you can join us.

From the Animal Talk Naturally Newsletter by Drs Kim Bloomer and Jeannie Thomason:

“On September 23rd, fellow BlogTalk Radio host, author and friend, Barbara Howard joins us to talk about her wonderful new children’s book – the first in her series – A Day for the Animals!
Join us at 2:30 PM Eastern on Animal Talk Naturally. The call-in number for this show is 646.595.4693 when we open the lines for questions.”